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Skunked Again

Betty woke up in the middle of the night. It’s been a few months since her last bender at the local casino. She wants to gamble, but since the car broke down, she has no means of transportation. Unable to sleep, Betty turned on the TV, looking for some poker action. Instead, she saw an ad for the new track “Fourth Street”. Since it’s within walking distance, she decided to wake up early the next day and head to the track.

When she arrived, she noticed a horrible stench. It suddenly dawned on her. They aren’t racing horses here! They are racing skunks! It doesn’t matter, though. She wants to gamble, and is ready to put down some of her hard earned cash.

As Betty get to the ticket window, she sees Skinny Dakota behind the gate. All of a sudden, she gets a bit suspicious. Skinny enjoys making money off of unsuspecting people.

“All Skunks, Fifteen to two odds!” blurts out an excited Skinny. Betty should have known better… she should have walked away, but the gambling streak had gotten the best of her. Betty picked up a racing form and read the following.

“All 5 skunks will be racing on a track 121 units long. The first skunk to complete the track wins the race. Each skunk has a special set of playing cards on his racing suit.” Betty was intrigued and looked outside at an ongoing race.

The race director would hold up a playing card.. Soon afterwards, each skunk would move a certain distance and then stop, waiting for the race director to shuffle the cards and pick another random card. The skunks would then move again, based on the same set of rules.

After watching for a few more minutes, Betty was ready to wager some of her cash. She wandered back inside and looked at the board for the next race:
Skunk #1 – Ad, 2d, 3h, 4h
Skunk #2 – 4d, 5d, 6h, 7h
Skunk #3 – 6d, 7d, 8h, 9h
Skunk #4 – Jd, Jh, Qd, Kh
Skunk #5 – 2d, 2h, 3d, 3h

After pondering at the board for a few minutes, Betty was positive she was about to make a small fortune as she strutted to Skinny and said “I’ll put it all on Skunk number….”

Image and other help by Matthew Van Atta

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