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The Sign of Four

"The interesting thing about this game," remarked Arthur Holmes to Conan Watson, laying down more tiles, "is that one needn't know each intermediate step to reconstruct the game. One need only have the final list of words on the board."

"Hmmm," responded his opponent.

"In fact, with a simple application of logic to the situation, one could even determine the stakes. Come along, it's your play."

"Hush," came the reply.

"No need to be surly, my dear Watson. Come along, come along--there we are. Is that your play?"

The other nodded. "Done."

"Well then," said Holmes. "With this...yes, why, I seem to be out of tiles! Here, let me see what you have left. Five I's and an X. Oh, bad luck, old friend, bad luck indeed. Still, only thirteen points--if you were Roman, it would be fifteen, yes?"

There was only silence.

wife, node,
wet, tamed, daze,
famous, quotes,
caws, cranky,
boys, event,
patty, pride,
blaze, jails,
groan, graze,
he, high, lover,
alone, float, to,
often, gluey.

Illustration by Courk
Story by Tahnan

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