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26 Words

I have a 5 letter word written in front of me. If you ask me any five letter word, I will tell you how many letters in common your word has with mine. If my word is BLACK and yours is WHITE, I will tell you 0. If my word is PLUME and yours is AMPLE I will tell you 4. Knowing that my word contains no duplicated letters, you should be able to deduce my word with only a handful of guesses or comparisons.

Then I tell you I have a list of 26 words; One for every letter of the alphabet. No duplicated letters in any words. I then take the word beginning with A and compare it to all the the other words on my list and give you the scores. I then take the word beginning with B and so on.With the exception of the X, all words are common words, so words like YURTA can be eliminated.

Your task is to find all 26 words.

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