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Truth or Consequences...

This puzzle was given to us by Brad Quinn: "All right," Skinny Dakota says to you, "suppose you're made two offers by two different people, A and B. Here's A's offer: You are to make a statement. If the statement is true, A promises to give you exactly $10. If the statement is false, A will not give you $10, but some amount, either more or less--could be nothing, could be a grand. "Here's B's offer: You make a statement. Regardless of whether the statement is true or false, B promises to pay you more than $10. That's B's offer. Now which of these offers would you prefer to accept." "B's offer, of course," you reply. "All right, fair enough. Since you prefer B's offer, I tell you what. If you make me A's offer, I'll give you $11 in advance. Is that fair?" Should you accept Skinny's offer? Well, of course not, you should never accept any wager from Skinny. But what trick could he have up his sleeve?

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