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Religous Woes

Lately, your friend Boris, who is also the president of your local puzzler's club, has been plagued by brooding thoughts. Having recently turned forty, ideas of his approaching death has made him ponder such topics as What Happens When You Die and The Meaning Of Life and How Many Gods Are There, If Any and other uplifting things.

Since he didn't turn up at the club's latest meeting, you've gotten worried and have decided to go to his flat to keep him from doing anything drastic, like increasing the number of saffron-robed chanters on the streetcorners by one.
After ringing the doorbell of Boris's apartment a few times without answer, you notice that the door is unlocked, so you let yourself in. The place is empty, but you find a worrying note on the kitchen table…

At last, I have found my path.

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Turn right and left, back and forth, more and more.
Half and half, down and to the right, faster and faster, wrap it about.
Clockwise spiral, starting up, and follow the right hand guide.
Each kind with their own, then proceed forth at the appropriate pace.

28 67 19 19 3 7

Of course, there's a reason Boris is the president of the puzzler's club. Leaving a normal, to the point, honest-to-God informative message would have been quite unlike him. So, having no prior engagements for the day, you sit down to figure out what insights your friend may have reached.

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