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Breaking the Bank

Fellow GL'ers, meet Louis.

Louis is the world's greatest bankrobber, he has completed hundreds of robberies around the world and is used to getting round the most sophisticated technology in the world to get what he wants. However, on his current job there's a little combination lock that's giving him a fair amount of trouble. As a world renowned bankrobber, surely he won't let a pesky little combination lock stand in his way?

The Lock:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

However this combination lock is no ordinary lock. Every time a correct code is entered into it the buttons light up and the correct combination changes so you can never use that code again. The combinations range from simple 2 digit combinations to more complex combo's. Louis has with him a list of codes which have worked in the past which run as follows.


You have also been told by a reliable source (currently doing 15 years inside) that the order in which the above combinations of numbers were pressed was not relevant. Now, you are Louis's back up man and you know as much about this lock as he does. Whenever he's in the dark he gives you a call to ask for advice. When he calls, should you tell him

a) Give it up, dude. There's no way of knowing what to press next.

b) Sure buddy, no problem. The correct combo is...

c) Just punch anything in and see if any cool stuff happens.

The choice is yours.

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