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VSP Signmaker Puzzles, Part 1

This is a collection of signmaker puzzles that have been posted in the Visitor Submitted Puzzles forum. An explanation of how signmaker puzzles work is available here.

1. by BraveHat, posted September 12th, 2000
"Mr. VP", I stated. "Over that thing! Form a stance!"
A "Miss Simpson" name, I have no beef with.

2. by Toaster, posted September 15th, 2000
Find fish amusing.
Throw suede jewellery.

3. by dave10000, posted September 14th, 2000
Resort discloses biting insects break apart magazine stall.
Extra carved portions of tender beef comprehend.

4. by cebrist, posted February 21st, 2000
Apply snail and salamander around Alabama city.
Mom - the hick bought christmas decorations for his vehicle.

5. by Salty, posted September 15th, 2000
Sun God's tomb's made from follicles.
"Competition" isn't a song by (ubiquitous) band.

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