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Desk Drawers

My desk has four drawers. Two on the left, two on the right.
On the left side, in the upper drawer, there are among other things envelopes, stamps, a box of matches and some paper towels. A few of the things in the lower drawer are a letter opener, a few pencils, a small radio and an extension cord.
On the right side, in the upper drawer, you can find a nice ballpoint pen, a magnifying glass, a pair of scissors, and some empty 3.5" diskettes, whereas some of the contents of the lower drawer are a number of blank sheets of paper, a pair of knitted fingerless mittens, a packet of cookies (yum, cookies), and a copy of the Bible (with leather covers, very nice).

Can you figure out the pattern to how these items are arranged?
A few hints: The drawers are connected, in the sense that the connecting property of the upper left drawer is the opposite of the lower left drawer (eg, the property of one drawer could be that all the objects are green, and that none of the objects in the other are green), and likewise for the right side.
An item may fit into more than one drawer, and in some cases it might be uncertain whether an item can go into a certain drawer (but the items described definitely go into their drawers).

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