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Sucker Bets

Ok. Don't yell at me if some of these are groaners. Blame Skinny:

  1. This one's so simple it's easy to miss: Skinny simply bends the match into a "V" shape.
  2. Skinny folds the paper in half, bisecting the circle. Next, he pulls the two folded corners up and toward each other. This elongates the hole, allowing the quarter to slip through.
  3. The first die is easy. But the second one seems to always pop out. Instead of tossing the second quarter in, Skinny drops the cup down and under it. By beginning with a downward motion, the first die isn't thrown out.
  4. Dissolving salt into water increases its density. Skinny saturates the water with salt until the egg floats.
  5. Don't take this bet- its much harder than it sounds. After spinning around ten times quickly, your sense of balance will be so off you'll have trouble even standing, let alone walking. Incidentally, this is caused by the motion of fluids in the inner ear.
  6. If Skinny has just a dozen quarters, chances are one of them will land "heads" the next four times its flipped. Skinny takes a roll out of his pocket, opens it and throws all the quarters in the air. Then he gathers all the heads, and tosses them. He repeats this two more times and collects his money.
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