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Strange Ancient Objects

Each of the items in the chest is from one of the trials of Hercules. 1. Slaying of the Nemean lion: The claw 2. Slaying of the Hydra: The reptilian scale 3. Capture of the hind(or stag) of Arcadia: The unknown hair 4. Capture of the wild boar of Mt. Erymanthus: The porcine hair 5. Cleansing of the stables of Augeas: The horseshoe 6. Shooting of the man-eating birds of Stymphalia: The black feather 7. Capture of the mad bull of Crete: The bovine hair 8. Capture of the man-eating mares of Diomedes: The equine hair 9. Taking of the girdle of Hippolyte (Amazons): The blonde hair 10. Seizing of the cattle of Geryon: The horn 11. Bringing back the golden apples: The seeds 12. Fetching up Cerberus: The canine hair
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