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3x3 Archive, Part 2

1. Me, Mosquito, Sound: Bite Air, Corner, Watch: Pocket Condition, Fore, Tight: Skin Bite, Pocket, Skin: Snake 2. Club, Life, Owl: Night Dark, Let, Morning: Star Day, Set, Shine: Sun Night, Star, Sun: Light 3. Money, Shed, Sugar: Blood Angel, Rare, Science: Earth Black, Card, Punch: Hole Blood, Earth, Hole: Worm 4. Fore, Foul, Role: Play Corn, Road, Worm: Silk Copy, Ghost, Type: Writer Play, Silk, Writer: Screen 5. High, Lift, Man: Chair Catcher, Horse, Paper: Fly End, Head, Stripe: Pin Chair, Fly, Pin: Wheel 6. Pitching, Screw, Simple: Machine Farmer, Leaf, Road: Tobacco Bay, Dressing, Rear: Window Machine, Tobacco, Window: Shop 7. Open, Out, Room: Class Dress, Over, Room: Head Common, Fish, Top: Sergeant Class, Head, Sergeant: First 8. Hammer, Meat, Stand: Head Burger, Kong, Size: King Bike, Fly, House: Wheel Head, King, Wheel: Pin 9. Group, New, Space: Age Keeper, Water, Way: Gate Chain, Home, Self: Rule Age, Gate, Rule: Golden 10. Black, Cool, Press: Box Bathroom, Calls, Import: Duty Central, Lodge, Turtle: Grand Box, Duty, Grand: Jury
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