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That's my name, Mr. Plow

At time t, the amount of snow is some constant(r) times t. snow = rt The velocity at which the snowplow can travel is inversely proportional to the amount of snow: v = c/rt Since the plow travelled the same distance from noon to 1 as it did from 1 to 4, we can set these distances equal, and use the integral of the velocity as the distance. The snow started at some time x before the plow, so the integrals are from x to 1+x, and from 1+x to 4+x. These integrate to: r/c(ln(1+x) - ln(x)) = r/c(ln(4+x) - ln(1+x)) The constants cancel, and rearranging use logarithmic properties gives: ln((4+x)(x)/(1+x)^2) = 0 (4+x)(x)/(1+x)^2 = 1 (4+x)(x) = (1+x)^2 Which simplifies to x=1/2. So, the snow started at 11:30 AM.
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