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Gomez THP

1. Rearrange the letter pairs to form words, leaving one letter pair out. 2. Replace the words with synonyms to form names of Academy Award winners. 3. Rearrange the leftover letter pairs to form the answer. 1)AN BO CA CO EL IA LD RD RG (1995) bold cardiac organ + el Braveheart + el 2)LI LO NE NK NS SS VE YA (1999) Yank loveliness + ns American Beauty + ns 3)AC GN IO ON PE PU RS TI US (2000) pugnacious person + ti Gladiator + ti 4)AT EC IO IP IT NG PR TO UY (1988) precipitation guy + to Rain Man + to 5)BR BU CO ER HI HO NG ON ST TC UR WI WN (1969) witching hour bronco buster + wn Midnight Cowboy + wn Tinseltown
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