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The Knight


All of the words and phrases were titles of MIT Hunt puzzles. The solutions to these puzzles (which are all provided in the Hunt archives on MIT’s website) were as follows:

Grounded for Life (2002, Cyan Puzzles) - KIWIS
Financial Report (2003, Section 1) - ARKANSAS
The Chimera (2001, Phase 1) - KLAXON
Day Tripper (2002, Red Puzzles) - ODYSSEYS
Art for Art's Sake (2000, Set 5, Puzzle 4) - RETRO
Triple Feature (2000, Set 4, Puzzle 2) - RISING
Inner Tube (2000, Set 3, Puzzle 1) - HBO
Packet Loss (2002, Round 1) - ATHENIAN
Buried Treasure (2002, Orange Puzzles) - POMPEII
Screening Room (2003, Facility R) - HOLLYWOOD
Alternatives (2000, Set 1, Puzzle 1) - IGNORANT
Background Research (2003, Section 6) - ORBISON
Poetry in Motion (2002, Round 7) - PUBLIC STORAGE
Three Square Meals (2003, Section 4) - HAM
Crossword (2001, Phase 4) - OWLETS
Minor Inconsistencies (2002, Round 1) - BOURBON
Morale Booster (2003, Section 4) - INADEQUATE
True and False (2002, Red Puzzles) - APPLE DUMPLING

The first letters of the answers spell out “KAKKORHAPHIOPHOBIA,” a puzzle from Phase 3 of the 2001 Hunt. The solution to that puzzle, and this one, is MARILYN MONROE.

Author’s Notes:

This was the eighth puzzle to be designed, and probably the easiest. Apologies to Tahnan, since none of the puzzles included from the 2003 Hunt were among those written by him.

After Solving The Knight:

“Marilyn Monroe?”
“You rang?”
“Whatever. Let’s just keep going, shall we?”

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