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MAS Minihunt Metapuzzle

Solution: GIULIANI
The numbers are as follows:
Pheidippides: 17
Billy Elliot: 7
Homestar Runner: 13
Marilyn Monroe: 25
Orbiting: 20
Chuck Woolery: 24
Hannibal Lecter: 6
Winston Churchill: 6
The next step is to Caesar-shift each Mage's name by his or her number (admittedly a big leap, but if solvers get this far in the Hunt, it shouldn't be too much of a problem). The first letters of the shifted names spell out GIULIANI, making him the ninth and final Mage.
As for the problem of what they have in common...
Pheidippides is a DASHER.
Billy Elliot is a DANCER.
Homestar Runner is a PRANCER.
Marilyn Monroe is a VIXEN.
Orbiting is what a COMET does.
Chuck Woolery acted as CUPID on Love Connection.
Hannibal Lecter is a cannibal, like the members of the DONNER Party.
Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister during the German BLITZ-EN.
And RUDOLPH Giuliani... Well, that one is pretty self-explanatory.
Author's Notes:
Ugh. This was by far the buggiest puzzle of the Hunt. Several clues originally led to the wrong numbers, making the hidden name much harder to find. Again, my apologies to all the solvers who were stumped with this one.
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