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This is war, Peacock

Your orders are "O-O-O."

Every box in the diagram represents one piece from a chess board.

The length of the piece name is represented by the number of sides the central symbol has.  For example, the first piece represented in the diagram is a pawn, so it's symbol (a square) has four sides.

The color of the central symbol represents the color of the piece.  Black pieces are represented by red, and white pieces by blue.

The small circles coming off of every central symbol represent the spaces surrounding that piece.  White circles represent illegal moves, red circles indicate the presence of a black piece in an adjacent square, and blue circles stand for adjacent white pieces.  Yellow and green circles mean the piece could move there, with yellow indicating a legal capture.  Circles with lines through them are only seen on two symbols - the ones that look like arrows.  Those two pieces are the kings, and the lines mean that the king would be moving into check should he move there.

The small squares on the sides of the boxes are the number of spaces to each side of the piece.  For example, the first box represents the pawn at f7.  It has one space behind it, six in front of it, two to the right, and five to the left.

White can mate in one move if it castles Queen-side.

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