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Let's Eat!

During a seven-day period from Sunday through Saturday, Eliza Pseudonym has dined at seven different local restaurants (including Idoaho Fried Chicken) twice each: once for lunch, and once on a different day for dinner. Each restaurant is located on a different street (from 1st through 7th). Using the following clues, determine where each restaurant is located, and which restaurant Eliza ate at for lunch and for dinner each day. Note: the clues only refer to lunches and dinners during the seven-day period.

Clue 1: Wednesday was the only day on which Eliza ate at two restaurants on consecutively numbered streets.
Clue 2: Eliza had lunch at the restaurant located on the 6th Street on Monday.
Clue 3: Eliza ate at Chick-Empty-A on Tuesday and Friday.
Clue 4: Eliza ate at Long John Bronze's on two consecutive days.
Clue 5: Eliza ate her lunch at the 1st Street restaurant precisely three days after she ate her dinner at the 5th Street restaurant.
Clue 6: On Sunday, Eliza did not have the restaurant on 4th Street for lunch, nor did she eat at Waffle Habitat for dinner.
Clue 7: On one paticular day, Eliza ate at Dice's Pizza (located on an odd numbered street) and Taco Marimba, in some order.
Clue 8: During the three-day period from Sunday through Tuesday, Eliza had eaten something at all seven restaurants excluding the one located on 7th Street; during the three-day period from Thursday through Saturday, Eliza had eaten something at all seven restaurants excluding Questionnos.

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