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Logain Potpourri I

I) Skating On Thin Ice

Two skaters skating in rectangles have one side which overlaps. If the pressure on the ice for the overlapping strip is equal to both their body weights, the ice weakens. The ice will break after 25 seconds of weakening pressure.  How long before the ice breaks after the two skaters start at the same time traveling as the diagram shows?

Skater A goes at 5m/s

Skater B goes at 6m/s

II) Now Open From 5 to 8

After making your purchase at the store, you notice the above message along with a group of words at the bottom of your receipt. How odd, you think, the store hours are always 8 to 5, did they make a typo? But, the text below the words says, up to $10 off your next purchase if you can solve the puzzle. The words listed are all mixed up…can you correctly arrange the grid to put them into correct groups for the full credit off?

  • angle fat lies staff
  • ant fling master stop
  • back form ode trust
  • corn got pedal verse
  • dent king sense vial
  • ease law shop zero


III) What Am I?

The last of me can cause anger,

Yet the man in me is too weak to argue

The smallest of me puts you to the task.

I will break under pressure, yet I can help defy gravity.

What am I?


IV) Gone Amiss

I left all my paperwork out where I shouldn’t have, and now someone’s ruined it in the blink of an eye. Not only does it seem like things are missing, but these were all over the place to create this mess…

1) ? (?)

2) hoe inks (5)

3) lightly pen (4)

4) all hair (5)

5) ants older (6)

6) lack umber (5)

7) word over (6)


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