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Show Me the Way Home

Lost in the forest, you come across a clearing that diverges into 3 roads. There is a cabin here, and, not knowing which road to take, you knock on the door hoping to find the correct path out of the woods. An old man answers and says that, while he no longer remembers the trails, maybe one of his children can help you. The old man says that out of his ten children, 5 of them always tell the truth and 5 of them always lie. However, he also adds that only 5 of them actually know the correct path. Each child knows what type of child each of the others is, and what knowledge they possess. The ten children are lined up, and you ask each of them separately which road to take: the left, middle, or right. While each child whispers his answer to you, it is still loud enough that the next person in line can overhear what they said.

The ten replies were...

1) Take the left road
2) Take the right road
3) Don't take the middle road
4) Take the right road
5) Don't take the right road
6) Take the middle road
7) Don't take the left road
8) Take the left road
9) Take the middle road
10) Don't take the left road

Which road is the way out?

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