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3x3 Archive, Part 1

A 3x3 puzzle consists of a list of nine words. These words can be grouped in groups of three so that each group shares a common associated word. For example, Horse, Tennis, Lace: Shoe. The three words obtained like this can then be grouped to find a single word, which is the answer. 1. Written by Quailman: Africa Deep Dip Face Minnie Oliver Park Puppy Star 2. Written by Quailman: Away Bath Birth Fin Fish Lemon Nurse Snake Wing 3. Written by random: Days Dog Food House House Night Sheep Spot Stick 4. Written by RichK/NC: Aerial Bag Brain Head Open Pistol Shy Tail Wave 5. Written by firemeboy: Acid Ares Elope Fend Fish Go Point To Wheel 6. Written by daniel801: Back Dance Field Hop Ping Room Straight Thin Water 7. Written by cebrist: Animal Chair Chance Cock Club Jack Pink Rye Sour 8. Written by Quailman: Area Bar Bill Coin Cut Dress Prime Stamp Second 9. Written by Quailman: About Broad Cat Clock Paper Side Side Walk Wall 10. Written by Quailman: Box Holdem Lake Panhandle Play Sea Stream Tea Tennis

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