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THP -- Two For One

Treasure Hunt Puzzle -- Two For One (August 2000)

You're at a party. You look at your watch and notice that it's 3am. And it's a weekday. But, before you can form the thought in your mind that it's probably time to go home, someone (curse them) shouts "Party game!" Somehow, whether it's the alcohol, the lack of sleep, or your never-say-die attitude, you let yourself be pushed out into center stage after everyone has split into two teams. You select a piece of paper from a hat, or a bucket, or whatever it is that they just put in front of you. When you unfold it, however, instead of something nice and simple, you see a list that is rather incomprehensible. A look into the faces of this crowd tells you that they won't let you go home until you convey to them the word they are waiting for. What is it?

1-sixth-odd      Having no function
2-first-odd      Swig
3-third-odd      Night light
4-third-even     Precedes Prozac
5-third-even     Craven movie
6-first-even     Husband
7-fifth-odd      Type of meter
8-fourth-even    An often unverified, historical tale
9-first-even     Colder and snowier
10-first-even    Chicken
11-first-even    Movie aunt
12-first-even    Dactyl, for example
13-fourth-even   Soft color
14-sixth-even    White shark or golden bear, for example
15-second-odd    Implant, such as morals
16-second-even   Game show player

Happy Solving!


[SOLVING NOTE -- A Treasure Hunt Puzzle, or THP, is a puzzle that generally consists of several "steps" to get from the beginning to the one-word or two-word solution at the end. Each of the steps is logical, but they can often be subtle or require an "aha!" type insight. Try everything! The hallmark of a THP is that, when you get the final answer, you'll know it. There won't be two or three possibilities to choose from -- quite often, through the letter and word manipulations required, the final answer will literally be spelled out for you. And, quite often, discoveries that you make during one phase of the puzzle will help you in another phase.]

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