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THP -- The More Things Change

Treasure Hunt Puzzle -- The More Things Change You tear open a fresh ream of copy-machine paper when you notice that it was packaged with one sheet already written on. Can you make any sense out of the following, and find the one-word solution? Along the long side Chieftains College figure Like most lemons Like some salt Make Fluffy less destructive More than one witloof Occupation involving nails Scar Separate land into smaller plots Type of iron that gets hot when used What human hearing is but grasshopper hearing is not What something is when something's wrong Word associated with coffee and jumping Hints: amibeabincatdeaendenglawlowmanmiroldvidzed Happy Solving! ---------- [SOLVING NOTE -- A Treasure Hunt Puzzle, or THP, is a puzzle that generally consists of several "steps" to get from the beginning to the one-word or two-word solution at the end. Each of the steps is logical, but they can often be subtle or require an "aha!" type insight. Try everything! The hallmark of a THP is that, when you get the final answer, you'll know it. There won't be two or three possibilities to choose from -- quite often, through the letter and word manipulations required, the final answer will literally be spelled out for you. And, quite often, discoveries that you make during one phase of the puzzle will help you in another phase.]

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