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Gomez Chess Puzzle

Since being humiliated by you in a game of pool Saturated Fats has turned away from the seedy, dangerous world of pool embrace the safe, secure growth industry of chess hustling. He now spends 8 hours a day in Central Park playing chess with people for money. Unfortunately for you, when you catch his eye one sunny summers day and he challenges you for a game, he's very good. Spurred on by memories of your clean victory in the pool game you agree to his challenge and begin setting up the board.

"Hold up" says Fats "If you're gonna play on my patch, you're gonna play on my terms. Here's how you set up the board. First off, each piece must be on the board. Second, each piece must attack at least one other piece and be under attack by at least one other piece. However, none of the pieces can directly attack the pieces directly attacking them. Also, as per normal chess rules, white pieces can only attack black pieces and can only be under attack from black pieces and black pieces can only attack white pieces and be under attack from white pieces. Clear?"

"What's the point?" you sigh.

"This" cries Fats, laying down $1000.00 cash on the board "is the point. I'm gonna win back my dignity but if you can't set the board up right I win by default. Unless of course" he chuckles " You can prove it can't be done or something." Your better nature is telling you to leave but the bet is tempting and there's this ivory back scratcher you've had your eye on for a while which costs exactly $1000.00 so you decide to take the bet. How did you win it?

It has been brought to our attention that our solution is not possible assuming normal chess play and setup. Do not concern yourself with the rules of Chess other than how the pieces attack.

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