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TV Scramble


Your at your grandmother's and start watching her ancient TV set. While watching a show called 'alphabet soup', the commentator on the show says he has an important message.....just then the TV picture goes wild and you see the following:

o s t e i i n g o r a g n
n i e n d s u s s e l i e
s r t e n n a e s h i j t
e l m u t n a u o r f o e
a u e s n a c i r e m o k
p l r e e h e i m p a e e
r b s y o l a n a s g o m
e d i a r o p o z o n v o
d p r g r e p w r n u e n
i y w e o c y t a s o b a
r e o r t i d h t r a o y
t f l t e v a y s r t a w
h g i n s i m a i h c t a

To fix the TV, you notice two very odd buttons you remember used to help fix ancient TV sets. Giving each button one turn at the same time seems to clear up the picture. Is it possible to determine what the announcement was going to be?

Image created by Courk.

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