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TV Scramble

The crossword has TV shows listed, each one is in the shape of an "L" (ie. makes one turn) and it is missing its first letter. There is one TV show per letter of the alphabet except for 3 of them. (I, O, and U)

All of the letters in the crossword are only used once, and the remaining letters spell out the message:
"I O U three letters", referencing the 3 letters not used.

A = Airwolf
B = Baywatch
C = Cheers
D = Dragnet
E = Earth Two
F = Friends
G = G.I. Joe
H = Happy Days
J = Jetsons
K = Knight Rider
L = Loveboat
M = Miami Vice
N = NYPD Blue
P = Pokemon
Q = Quantum Leap
R = Roseanne
S = Simpsons
T = Tarzan
V = Voyager
W = Wings
X = X-Files
Y = Young Americans
Z = Zorro
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