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Get Out!

Oh no! While tracking a group of devious diamond thieves that have been baffling the police's efforts to catch them, you (and your dog Spot) were discovered, captured and locked up in a room of a remote cabin in the woods the thieves have been using as a hideout. If you don't get out, not only will the miscreants be able to continue their crime spree, you'll also starve to death!

On your person you have your clothes, your Sherlock Holmes hat, your magnifying glass, and your bag of marbles. There are two obvious exits from the room: the sturdy wooden door, locked and barred, and a small window near the ceiling. The glass is armored, but there is a handle on the inside, and it looks like it might be possible to squeeze through the window - if you could get up there. Unfortunately, the window is far above your jumping capabilities, and the wall offers no handholds for climbing.
The only other feature of this room is a urinal covering the wall opposite the window, almost painfully hot water running through it in a constant stream. The idea of flooding the room to reach the window strikes you, but the circular draining holes in the bottom of the urinal are just precisely large enough to allow your marbles to drop through and clank uselessly into the sewers, and your clothes are far too porous to serve as blockage.

Oh well. At least you'll have decent facilities while you starve. Unless there's some other way of getting out...

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