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Dissertation X

Ernie, a university student nearing the end of his degree course, entered the lecture theater one morning expecting to be told the subject of the dissertation which he needed to write to complete his course. It should have been a formality but he, and his fellow students, ended up being quite bemused when, instead of being told what direction to take by their lecturer they were confronted with this message, displayed on the lecture hall projector.

Good morning class,
After teaching you lot for three years I feel I deserve a holiday and as such am currently on a plane to foreign climes. You will be receiving no guidance whatsoever from me on your dissertations as I shall be far too preoccupied sipping pina coladaís on the beaches of Barbados. Donít fear, however, Iíve not left you completely in the lurch. I will at least tell you the basic subject I want you to write about. He is a man you should all be familiar with. At the very least you will be aware of his work. I will leave it up to you to figure out who he is but I have provided you with enough information to piece together his identity.

Below this rather astonishing note were the following seemingly random words.

1) Bode, Rye, Heís, Vial
2) Tex, Hay, Mow, Grey, Shuns, Pecked.
3) Chest, Hurt, Tier, Hours, Bar
4) Wren, He, Fore, Hick, Knew, Wrest, Oft, Chilled
5) Ma, Bead, King, Board, Tequila

Good luck!

Fortunately for the students their collective brainpower was such that they were able to work out who they were supposed to write about in time for the deadlines.

Who was the subject of their dissertations?

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