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Grantstein's Challenge

The final test of your puzzling ability seems vaguely like an old standby - Einstein's Challenge.  (guess where I got the name for this one)  As you might expect, there's lots of glory if you can solve it, and, of course, no shame if you don't.  Then again, there's no shame in failing your final exams either, is there...? 

Sarah, Hope, Ellen, Rosanna, and Lucy are five neighbors on Kaser Street. Each one lives in a differently colored house: red, blue, yellow, green, or white. Each also has a different number of children (1 through 5), is of a different nationality (United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Canada), and has a different road sign in front of her house (Stop, Hospital, Speed Limit, One Way, Railroad Crossing). By using the clues below, you will be able to figure out where everyone lives, and their house color, number of children, nationality, and road sign.

1. The Canadian's two next door neighbors are the woman with the Hospital sign and the inhabitant of the White house.
2. The women who have 2 and 3 children are NOT next-door neighbors.
3. Rosanna's two neighbors are the woman from France and the woman who raises 2 children.
4. The household with 5 children is west (left) of the One Way sign.
5. The house with the Stop sign in front of it is NOT next to a house colored yellow.
6. The French woman and the woman from the United States are next-door to each other.
7. Ellen is an Australian who likes to post on the message board at
8. The woman in the red house, who is from the United Kingdom, sure is glad she gets BBC America on cable, as she and her 5 children like watching Changing Rooms on it.
9. Lucy absolutely hates her yellow house, but can't afford to paint it.
10. The American lives west (left) of the woman from the United Kingdom.
11. Sarah's two next door neighbors are the woman with 5 children and the woman with a Speed Limit sign in front of her house.
12. Hope is NOT the woman whose two next-door neighbors are the woman with 4 children and the woman whose house is blue.
13. The One Way sign is in front of Hope's house.

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