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The Creator

The Creator is Terry Pratchett, the bestselling comedy-fantasy writer. Pratchett fans will have it somewhat easier, of course.

Terry Pratchett is the writer of a series of books named Discworld. They describe the tales of five different groups of main characters in the Discworld, a flat, round-shaped world which is carried on the backs of four elephants standing on the back of a turtle that swims through the universe.

* First of all, the six circles in a diagram are arranged to resemble vaguely a turtle, the Great A'Tuin.
* The four grey circles can also mean the four elephants. The fifth, yellow circle would be the legendary Fifth Elephant, mentioned in the DW novel with the same name.
* The center, big circle can mean the discworld itself, which is therefore standing on the backs of the elephants. The smaller blue circle in the middle is the Cori Celesti, a huge spire of blue ice that exists in the center of the Disc and is the house of the gods, in the book.
* The contents of each circle are for each of the five groups of characters plus the 'loose' books (whose main characters show up only in that book), which are in the center circle. Clockwise:
- The top circle is for the six books of Rincewind, the cowardly wizard. He always carries his wizard hat with the word 'W I Z Z A R D' on the brim, the tiny dots on the triangle symbol are for this. The symbols are also arranged clockwise and begin from the top one. The purple part on the fifth book means its a hybrid Rincewind-Faculty_of_Wizards, which are an important group of characters that appear in several books (but dont have their own).
- The second circle is for the three witches. Black triangles are once again pointy hats, this time black hats. Each dot means a witch, the fat one meaning the fat Nanny Ogg. The dot in the bottom-right corner of each symbol is for Agnes Nitt, an apprentice they get later in the series.
- The third circle is for the DEATH crew. This charismatic character who TALKS IN CAPITALS and appears in every book (thus the grey corner in EVERY one of the tiny symbols) also has his own crew. He's a skeleton with glowing blue eyes so this symbol is pretty easy. Once again, purple for the Faculty.
- The fourth circle is for the six stories of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. The symbol is for their copper badgers with the guard number on it.
- The last circle is differently colored not only because its a mythical elephant, but also because this character is different. Tiffany Aching's books are actually books for children, unlike the others. The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents is not a Tiffany book but it's also for kids so it's in this circle. The black corner on book 2 means a cameo of the Witches.
* The way each character group is on the circles is according to the way they appear on the series: Starting from the top, Rincewind is the first an then clockwise, Tifanny Aching is the most recent character
* The seven miscellaneous books are spread throughout the entire series, so they get the middle. The purple and brown marks are once again cameos from the Faculty and the City Watch.
* Finally, the red lines allow one to do a final check (it's actually a clue to confuse people a little, but it's valid ) : Starting from the tiny arrow on the top, one can follow the red paths between each circle according to the way the books are ordered in the Discworld series, using each red line only once. In the end, all red lines will have been crossed once. (Example: The first book is rincewind, the second is rincewind so no line is crossed. The third is witches, so one of the lines to circle 2 is crossed out, and so on)

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