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The Jack of Spades

Here's Mike's four-step illustrated method:

1. Take the Card, and fold it in half.

2. Make 2 cuts on either side of the card as shown by the red lines:

3. Make a cut along the folded edge, cutting between the 2 previous cuts. The 2 end pieces must remain folded, not cut:

4. Now, make back-and-forth cuts, as follows:

You're all done. Now separate it, and you'll have a similar contruct as was described in the site's solution. The good thing about this solution is that you can hold the scissors in one hand and continuously rotate the folded card in the other hand to start each cut. The work moves fairly fast. The only thing you have to worry about is the spacing of the last few cuts, so that you get the very last one going the right way. Other than that, it's much easier to do than the solution posted (IMHO).

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