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Potpourri V

1. 3x3:

Cone, Only, Star --- Lone
Hero, Null, Wing --- Zero
Tree, Fact, Hold --- True

Lone, Zero, True --- Love

2. Signmaker:

so armed, i calorie attack.
soar, medical, or i eat tack.

3. Cryptics:


4. Paragraph:

"a" is in the first word, "b" in the second, etc.

5. Cryptogram:

It's like switching your point of view. Things sometimes look complicated from one angle, but simple from another. Achilles.

6. Number Sequence:

40. Each number in the sequence is the sum of the nth prime and the nth Fibonacci numbers.

7. A Good Challenge:

They are the models for the face cards in a regular deck of playing cards.
Spades: King David
Hearts: King Charlemagne
Clubs: Alexander the Great
Diamonds: Julius Caesar
Spades: Pallas Athena
Hearts: Judith
Clubs: Queen Elizabeth I
Diamonds: Rachel
Spades: Hogier
Hearts: La Hire
Clubs: Sir Lancelot
Diamonds: Sir Hector

8. Grouping:

Fire, Lucky, One. All the words in the group are the first word of a former GL puzzle title.

9. Probability:


10. Hypermath:


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