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Gomez Lateral/Riddle

The answer is a Vampire. "If you fear that I am near, Here's a wise word in your ear, You may look forth and aft for me, But to do so simultaneously, Ensures you'll just look straight through me, Even if I'm right behind thee." This is a reference to how Vampires don't have reflections. The only way you can look "forth & Aft" simultaneously is to use a mirror and if you do that when a Vampire is behind you you'll just look "Straight through" him. "I am not a friend of man, I'll try to kill you if I can, I am a lover of the night, I eschew threatening nautral light, But I warn you don't try to cross me, I tell you now that that would cost me." The first four lines are pretty self explanatory. The last two are to be taken literally. If you literally 'Cross' a vampire, as in use a crucifix on it, you will harm it, or at least ward it off. "I need you more than you need me, Even though I may murder thee, The essence of yourselves you give, To ensure that I'll But even so I may not mind, Converting others to my kind." The "Essence" is blood. The last 2 lines about converting refer to how if you get bitten by a vampire & survive, you become a vampire.
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