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Color Coordination

There are many ways to solve this puzzle without hours of unsuccessful guessing. Any systematical approach should get the job done fairly quickly. One of the more effective methods is outlined below.

There are two pieces (“Red, white, blue, black, yellow, green” and “Red, green, yellow, black, blue, white”) that can never be next to each other because they will always require a piece with two colors right next to each other. For this reason, neither of them can by in the center. So take one of these known edge pieces begin trying to find a middle with the remaining five pieces.

After matching the colors of one of the potential centers and the known edge, see if an a different disk (there may be more than one) can make a cluster of three and then four ect. If more than one disk works, be sure to try one and then the other. If none of the remaining disks work, rotate the center disk once and try, try again. The process should move rather quickly because many of the two color combinations do not exist.

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