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Logain Potpourri I

I) Skating On Thin Ice

25 seconds on common ice reached after 520 seconds of skating.
So the ice will break after 8 minutes 40 seconds.

II) Now Open From 5 to 8

Each word has a prefix which relates to a number from 1-4, and then 9-10, hence the ‘up to 10 off’ in the flavor text and the open 5-8 in the title.

  • (uni) corn trust form verse (1)
  • (bi)  king pedal got shop (2)
  • (tri)  angle dent fling vial (3)
  • (quarter)  back lies staff master (4)
  • (non)  fat stop zero sense (9)
  • (dec)  ant law ode ease (10)

III) What Am I?

A straw

The last straw causes anger
A straw-man argument is a weak case
The small straw when drawing straws is the loser who has to do something
Straw/hay is brittle and will easily break/snap
Sucking through a straw creates a vacuum to pull liquid upward

IV) Gone Amiss

All words…including the title, spell another word without the first letter.

  1. ? (?) = (s)
  2. (s)hoe (l)inks (5) = (l)aces
  3. (s)lightly (o)pen (4) = (a)jar
  4. (t)all (c)hair (5) = (s)tool
  5. (p)ants (h)older (6) = (h)anger
  6. (b)lack (l)umber (4) = (e)bony
  7. (c)over (s)word (6) = (s)heath

In the blink of an eye refers the word LASHES, read downward from first letters of the answers.

The final answer is SLASHES, using the same first letter property, which explains why your paperwork was all cut-up and missing letters/words.

Side Note: Slashes would also be the answer if this was your typical META puzzle where clue #1 and the first letters in the clue were not missing to begin with.

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