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3x3 Archive, Part 1

1. Face, Oliver, Star: North Dip, Minnie, Puppy: Skinny Africa, Deep, Park : South North, Skinny, South: Dakota 2. Bath, Fish, Snake: Oil Away, Birth, Wing: Right Fin, Lemon, Nurse: Shark Oil, Right, Shark: Whale 3. Days, House, Sheep: Dog Dog, Food, Stick: Fish House, Night, Spot: Light Dog, Fish, Light: Star 4. Bag, Open, Wave: Air Aerial, Pistol, Tail: Whip Brain, Head, Shy: Work 5. Acid, Ares, Elope: Ant Fend, Fish, Go: Of Point, To, Wheel: Pin Ant, Of, Pin: Ten 6. Back, Straight, Thin: Razor Dance, Room, Water: Tap Field, Hop, Ping: Trip Razor, Tap, Trip: Wire 7. Chance, Cock, Chair: Fighting Animal, Club, Pink: Moss Jack, Sour, Rye: Whiskey Fighting, Moss, Whiskey: Irish 8. Area, Bar, Dress: Code Bill, Coin, Stamp: Collector Cut, Prime, Second: Rate Code, Collector, Rate: Tax 9. Broad, Walk, Wall: Side About, Cat, Side: Walk Clock, Paper, Side: Wall Side, Walk, Wall: Board 10. Box, Play, Tennis: Match Holdem, Panhandle, Tea: Texas Lake, Sea, Stream: Trout Match, Texas, Trout: Paris
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